Crossbow Quiver

A crossbow quiver is one of the essentials in crossbow hunting. Some people neglect its importance but nobody can deny that this tool helps a lot to bring convenience and agility to Buy best crossbow hunter.
What is a crossbow quiver and why is it important?
A crossbow quiver is a container that holds arrows, bolts and darts. This may not seem much to others but it is important because it provides mobility, supplication, and storage for arrows.
In the days of old, quivers were made of real humble materials such as leathers, fur, wood and other natural brought gifts to the early human race by that time. They use their quiver by placing it to the ground or tucking it into the belt. But today, quivers are made primarily of metal or plastic which is easier to handle and more affordable to purchase. Many choose plastic over metal because it lighter to carry.
Different types of quiver:
Crossbow quiver
This type of quiver is one of the most common quivers that you can find in the market. It is of great use to compound bow users as it is the only equipment they need to bring along with them. This tool is fastened with the limbs of the crossbow and is attached through a clip that holds every arrow in place.

Belt Quiver
Belt quiver are the quiver that we usually see in movies. Yes you guessed it right. This is the belt wore by archers with arrows inside it. The belt quiver is mostly cylindrical in shape which just hangs right below the belt

Tree Stand Quiver
The tree stand quivers are modern made quivers that are attached to trees. They are very easy to locate and the arrows placed in it can be possessed without any stress on the hunter’s body. The disadvantage of this quiver is its mobility, you cannot move fast because you have to take it every now and then transferring it from tree to tree.

Ground Quiver:
Ground quiver is somehow the same with the tree stand quiver. This quiver is only good when you are shooting a target at an exact same place for the entire duration of the game. The style differs from poles, metal holder with double rings and more. They are easy to travel because it doesn’t take much space.

Back bag Quiver
Aside from the belt quiver, the back bag quiver is one of the most depicted quivers in television and movies. This is very mobile because they just hang on your back like bag packs. This quiver is attached on the back by a strap and is very lightweight. The Back bag quiver has the record of the highest pulling up rate because of its easy to grab arrows at the hunters back.

There are many factors to consider in choosing which quiver to buy. It will depend on the hunter’s style of the game, convenience in pulling arrows, comfort on where the quiver is placed and the ability of the hunter to adjust with the quiver. Quivers are really important as it is the companion of the crossbow in hunting.