Foot massage brings great health benefits

The ancient people have the phrase “Dry roots before, old people weak first”, so today’s science is particularly concerned with keeping the feet, especially the foot massage , soaking feet to cure diseases.
In everyday life, little attention is paid to the feet, only when the feet are cold, painful or numbness so people worry and care for their feet. The ancient people have the phrase “Dry roots before, old people weak first”, so today’s science is particularly concerned with keeping the feet, especially the foot massage , soaking feet to cure diseases.

LM 6800So what does the foot affect health, let’s study this issue.
The texture of the foot
– Feet includes: foot, foot liver, ankle, heel, toe.
– The structure of the legs include: bones, muscles, blood vessels and nervous system.
– Two feet with 62 central areas reflecting on the same nerve endings, related to the whole human body.
– Feet focuses on the nerves of the “fast response” type.

The principle of the movement of the foot
Heart squeezes blood to bring nutrients to the body. The foot, the farthest from the heaviest weight, is compressed from the top down. Intravenous veins prevent the blood flow back, the muscles in the legs contribute pressure to push blood to the heart. Blood to the legs is easy, but venous blood flowing back to the heart is difficult. When the legs are moving steadily they are like a pump that pumps blood to the heart. Therefore, experts often refer to “legs as the second heart of the body.” You can also check out the best massage chair 2017 that is quite perfect to try in relaxing the body.
Influence from work to pathology of the feet
Sales staff, flight attendants work in standing or sitting position throughout the day, when rest will see legs numbness, movement difficult.
– Sitting for a long time in the office, causing the legs to get bloody, swollen.
Those who work hard, the job of lifting the weight of the foot for a long time also cause foot pain, foot numbness.
– Those who are athletes, tour guides, forest rangers … must move more susceptible to heel pain, arthritis.
In addition, the wearing of shoes, sandals feet are cramped, circulation in the foot hard to circulation blood.

The measures to maintain the health of your feet
– When sitting for a long time, stretch your legs to make your legs supple, helping your legs.
To stretch your calves and heels, you must stand in the same direction as a wall so that your foot is to the side and slightly bent at the knees. Walk step by step and use your right arm against the wall, keep your legs in a bend and stretch your legs straight. Both feet on the floor. When you do this, you will feel the muscles dilating in the heels and calves. Hold and slowly return to the original standing position. Perform this exercise with each leg about 5 times.
– Squat for 10 minutes after a long day to help your legs get better.
Keep your toes straight and turn your toes.
– Hold your toes up, hold and bend for 5 seconds, repeat 10 times very well for cramps or clamps.
– Rotate your feet frequently if you sit a lot.
– Change daily height of shoes. If you use shoes regularly, use about 2cm high shoes.
– Massage legs: hands grasp the leg near the heel, just gently press your thumb on the skin just two moving hands up above the knee and then back down the heel (performed 30 times for each leg)
Keep your feet warm.

Soaking foot healing
Since ancient times feudal kings have seen them use foot care to prevent disease and healing. Nowadays, medicine has been developed, and medications that incorporate pedicure are widely used in the people and have resulted in good health.
Characteristics: Soaking feet in lukewarm water stimulates blood circulation, circulation, meditation, neutralizing viscera, stimulating nerve endings.
Pros: Convenience, no side effects, effective, painless and safe.

Cure insomnia:
Use hot water to soak feet one night before bed. Also, make sure you stay quiet, cool. When sleeping, it is important to keep calm.
Cure of ejaculate, ejaculate premature ejaculation:
Use hot water to soak feet one night before bedtime. Do not watch sex movies or books.
Cure heel pain and ankle:
Using medicinal water including: 30g scoop, 30g pomegranate, 15g antioxidant, 10g incense, 10g incense, 10g myrrh, 10g bloodthirsty, 10g antler, 20g royal jelly. Soak your feet while hot, 2 times a day.
Cure leg vein inflammation:
10g watermelon, 10g pebbles, 10g pink flowers, 10g blood, 10g of blood, 10g of spices, 20g of cinnamon, 20g of cinnamon, 30g of licorice, 10g myrrh. Pick up medicinal water, pour into pots. Soak from the knee down. Use when hot water.

Methods of implementation
– Use clean water: tap water, mineral water.
Foot temperature 38 degrees or higher.
– Height of foot bath water: about 20cm.
Foot time: 20 to 30 minutes
Note: When using soapy water, choose the appropriate medicine as directed by your doctor. Do not use drugs that are highly irritating and corrosive.
The legs are so distant that the temperature is usually lower than the temperature in the upper part of the body, in order to relaxed the body, try this kahuna massage chair lm6800. In winter, the rate of children and adults who suffer from respiratory illnesses is higher than in the summer, although they have kept warm but have forgotten keeping feet warm. This shows that the legs and immune system are closely related. It is therefore essential to protect the feet that are essential for the health of each person.