Major concern for all home and business owners

Security should be a major concern for all home and business owners. Even the best blocks can be hit by petty crimes now and then, including vandalism and theft. However, the threat of violent crime is deep in very homeowner’s mind when they lock their doors before bed. Making your property more secure protects you from harm, saves you money repairing damage or replacing stolen goods, and offers you peace of mind. These are 8 affordable ways to improve your security.


• First, you should be sure to have a security system installed. No matter how large or small your property is, it is a target for crime.

• If you own or manage a large business or sell expensive goods, you may also want to consider hiring on-site security guards.

• Motion-activated lights are a great signal to criminals that you can see their activity. Aim lights at all walkways and doors.

• Build high-quality gates around the front of your property and driveway to block unwanted visitors. You can install custom, beautiful iron gates in St. George to add security, beauty, and character.

• Keep all windows, curtains, and blinds closed at night. When a potential criminal can see the goods inside your home or business, they are more likely to go after them.

• Turn off computers and other electronics, especially ones near windows. An empty office with glaring computer screens is an easy target for thieves.

• Do not keep valuables unsecured. Bicycles, vehicles, ice chests, and other goods should not be visible from the street.

• Limit the number of people with keys to your property and the code to your security system. Be sure that only people you trust with your money can access the property at all times, day or night. These are just some of the best ways you can help prevent crime on your property. While all of this is practical advice, installing large camera housing is the best way to add security in a beautiful and ornate way for an investment that improves your property as well as your peace-of-mind.

The best of what 2Bsecurity has to offer nowadays is the fact that all these highly sophisticated home security alarm systems are entirely based on wireless technology thus avoiding the complicated wire installation and utilizing wireless communication between alarm panel and sensors. The combination of WiFi & Cellular connection is the most advanced and reliable technology to overcome power outage and phone line cut. What these means is that even if power is cut a homeowner will be notified of a trigger by cellular means overcoming the loss of a wifi connection.

This can all be achieved without the use of a phone-line as independent cellular connection that is 100% safe from intruders is used to maintain the connection between you and your alarm system.Further ensuring that connection is never lost is the fact that all such systems have powerful Lithium batteries so you stay secure even during a power outage.

Alarm security systems can include indoor and outdoor wireless cameras which have the ability to send snapshot and alarm notifications to the owner when the alarm is triggered or motion is detected. For even more security you can opt for cameras with remote access, plug and play, motion detection, night vision and other functions. It is worth mentioning that all video can be stored in local SD card or cloud thus allowing it to be accessible for future reference should the need occur.