Reasons Why Girls Love Their Boyfriend’s Hoodies

There’s one thing ladies can’t seem to let go of, even long after a relationship is over: the boyfriend’s’ hoodies.


It doesn’t matter how it ended, who loved whom more or if you never wish to see his face again because you got what you wanted out of the relationship — the coveted hoodie.


It’s something they simply can’t do without, especially if he was a hipster, in which case he probably had a Baja Hoodie or what we call Drug Rug in America.

Finding a great hoodie is like finding a great job: it can take many months, you’re not exactly sure where you’ll get it and even after you’ve got it, you still have to wear it in. To see great hoodies for you just click here.


That’s part of the magic of the boyfriend’s hoodie, though, it’s already perfectly worn for you. And regardless of how many times you wash it, it still maintains the exact original softness.


Boyfriend’s’ hoodies are the ultimate closet staple. They surpass sweaters in the “overall” category, as they are a perfect weight and rarely make you overheat.


They are also better than the American heather gray zip up as they are more comfortable and have been softened from years of football practice and long hours in the library. There is a history to it and more sentiments than what you find in a mass-produced Lee Cooper pullover.


A great boyfriend’s hoodie isn’t purchased, its given to you having been gently worn by your partner. You can’t purchase it or try to resell or pawn it later on. Acquiring it is difficult as you will require a generous boyfriend or an ex that you can steal it from without him noticing to get it. This is why it’s so valuable.


Here are a couple of reasons why girls love their boyfriend’s hoodies.


  1. They smell like him

That is, unless, it’s more than six months since you broke up and it’s gone through the wash cycle countless times (whether that was intentional or not is your business). Boy-smell is nice until it turns awful.


  1. They’re large and cozy

What is it about boyfriends’ hoodie that makes them so much more comfortable than everybody else’s?

Seriously, do they use a special underground fabric softener that’s only sold at strip clubs (to keep the furry walls plush)? Who knew guys could be so great at laundry.


  1. Your gain

If you break up tomorrow, at least you got something out of the relationship.

When you’re broken-hearted (or not) you can cuddle with something much more snuggly than your ex — his hoodie.

On nights when you just want to throw something on, his hoodie will be there for you and it will probably be more dependable than he ever was.


  1. He came back to your apartment looking for it

That’s one way to ensure a second date. You aren’t just scoring a new hoodie, you’re getting a new friend with benefit buddy. High-fives all around.